We know that for most parents carers, and for parent carers of children with additional needs and/or disabilities, time is in short supply. Yet is vital that we join together, pool our knowledge and make real changes to services which improve the lived experiences of families.

About Us

Suffolk Parent Carer Network (SPCN) is a group of parents and carers of children with additional needs and/or disabilities who work with education, health and care services to make sure the services they plan and deliver are fit for purpose and meet the needs of children, young people and their families across Suffolk.

We have a management board of parent and carer volunteers who lead this work and who actively seek out experiences and views of parents and carers across Suffolk to make sure we know what is important to them. We aim to give parents and carers a collective voice and use our experience, knowledge and feedback from families to help commissioners and providers plan and develop the quality, range and accessibility of services families use.

Through participation and co-production, we are working to create a culture across all services which places the needs of families at the centre of decision making.

We aim to do

We aim to be a collective voice from as many families as possible by providing a forum for views in order to develop services.

Be supportive and accessible to all families.

Enable Children and Young people with additional needs and /or disabilities and their families to lead full lives, through seeking to improve services, and by providing informal support.

Work in partnership with those who provide services.

Encourage and promote inclusive attitudes and practice.

Promote disability equality and challenge discrimination.

Provide examples of good practice.

Membership to families and carers who request and need additional resources.


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