Governance – the term used to describe how an organisation operates. It includes what it hopes to achieve, how it will achieve it and how it will be held accountable.

It is important to have written processes agreed so that everyone is clear about how SPCN works. Having clear information written down helps prevent misunderstandings.

Having clearly written policies and procedures helps ensure that everyone involved in the work of SPCN has guidelines on how to deal with situations when they occur.

Links to download SPCN Governance files

Download the Code of Conduct – Version (2016)

Code of Conduct

Download the SPCN Constitution – Version (2016)


Download the SPCN Data Protection Policy – Version (2016)

SPCN Data Protection Policy

Download the SPCN Equality, Diversity, Policy- Version (2016)

SPCN Equality, Diversity, Policy

Download the SPCN Financial & Control Policy- Version (2016)

SPCN Financial & Control Policy

Download the SPCN Financial, Expenses & Reimbursement Policy – Version (2016)

SPCN Financial, Expenses & Reimbursement Policy

Download the SPCN Safeguarding Policy – Version (2016)

SPCN Safeguarding Policy

Download the SPCN Terms Of Reference- Version (2016)

SPCN Terms Of Reference

Download the SPCN Social Media Policy – Version (2016)

SPCN Social Media Policy

Download the SPCN Job Description – Co-Chair Role

SPCN Co-Chair Role

Download the SPCN Job Description – Parent Representative Role


Download the SPCN – Parent Representation Request Form

Parent Representation Request Form

Download the SPCN Membership Form

SPCN Membership Form

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