SEND Preparing for Adulthood Workstream

The Preparing for Adulthood Workstream has a particular focus on young people aged 14-25 who have SEND.

Andrea Wood, Participation Manager for Skills, leads this working group. There are representatives within the Workstream from the Moving into Adulthood Team, which sits across both Childrenā€™s services and Adults services.

03.03.2017 | 10.00-11.30

The objectives of the Preparing for Adulthood Workstream reflect the Code of Practice:
  • Young people are prepared for further/higher education and/or employment.
  • Young people are prepared for independent living.
  • Young people are prepared for participating in society.
  • Young people are prepared for being as healthy as possible in adult life.
  • Local Authority services support the preparing for adulthood agenda.

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